It’s actually been a while since this tape was released but as you might have noticed Currentzz was a bit quiet during the past couple of weeks. Blame it on the mountains, when you dwell within their roots they consume you, overpower you and then spit you out exhausted but rejuvenated at the same time.

So it was, when I returned from the mountains and re-entered civilization that copy number 05 of 100 printed waited impatiently in my post box. I thanked the gods, of course, for sending me this gift from across the sea.

As was the case with their first demo the second one is only available on cassette. If I am not mistaken the band still has some copies of the first demo available so if you are interested get in touch for a taste of how it used to be. Back in the day. When I started collecting Black Metal. Back when every time I got a paycheck I went down to the bank and walked out with a bundle of five dollar bills that were then hidden well in either padded envelopes or with a flier on each side, preferably one that had white text on a black background so chances were some “postal worker” wouldn’t steal your money on the way. It did happen that the money got lost on its way, but now we have PayPal claims instead to slap us in the face when we think times are better. The times are never better, they are just different.

You can check out Skardus’ music here by clicking the YouTube video I’ve embedded below or at the band’s Facebook page (one song their from each of their demo) and either contact them there or by copying this link and sending an email to skardus (at) gmx (dot) de. Perhaps, if Currentzz is lucky, a Skardus interview will appear here soon.

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