Somehow it is just too easy to dismiss a band by its name, to judge a book by its cover, especially if the band and the book have “Weregoat” on the cover. Could it be? Is this “Black Sheep – The Musical?”

No, this isn’t. Weregoat hail from Portland, USA, and has been active for three years now. Members from well-known bands like Engorged and The Howling Wind make up the majority of it’s three-piece line-up and “UEoFP” is the band’s debut album. Unholy Goat Metal. Has there been an album with the title “Goat Metal” yet? Black Metal – check. Death Metal – check. War Metal – check… Oh, and of course “Dark Metal”. I’m sure I’m forgetting some genres used as album titles, but you will just have to forgive me.

Okay, so it seems “UEoFP”‘s foundations are built on brutal mixture of Grind and Black Metal. The bastard child is usually called Bestial Black Metal and under its wing we have lumped bands like Beherit, Blasphemy, Black Witchery, Diocletian, Impiety, Conqueror, Revenge and a shitloads of other bands that tend to focus on brute force when it comes to their Metal. These are the people who eat, sleep and shit in hooded sweaters. The kind of people who urinate on bibles while the priests are still carrying them.

So, is this another pointless release? Hmm… Now, the music is brutal, it’s straight forward and simplistic. They hit the snare, the bass drum and the hi-hat all at once and see where it leads them, so there’s nothing particularly new here going on here. However, Weregoat does manage to create that “born in a cemetery” atmosphere you look for when you listen to Metal of this kind. I’ve heard people describe this as music ideal to have in the background while desecrating graveyards but I’m not going to check out that theory.

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