Twenty years ago a young Norwegian fellow went out into the night with only a lighter, a can full of petrol and good intentions in his mind. The fire lit there still burns, but now no church is engulfed in flames. Today that flame is found within each soul that dives into the deepest abyss that Black Metal can be.

4 songs. 60 minutes. 10 years in the making. It doesn’t seem like it’s really been a decade since I first met Sturla Viðar, the creator of Svartidauði. It doesn’t seem like it’s really been 6 years since the band’s “Temple of Deformation” demo was released. It felt like ages when you were waiting. Impatiently… Many times I asked when the album would ever be released, if it would ever be released. Now, when the album has been recorded, when all that appears to be left is to just put a cover on the album and rush it to the printing press, all that is forgotten.

Svartidauði is one of NoEvDia’s bastard children. One of the bands that owe quite a bit, intentional or not, to what that label has brought us. Through the years we have seen quite a few bands that draw inspiration from that well, and not all have managed to pull it off, focusing on recreating the supposed atmosphere that is to be found on one of the classics.

Iceland’s very own prophets of depravity stay clear of the traps and the influences are inspirations, not previous versions. “Flesh Cathedral” was not created to bring any joy to the listener. Rather the aim seems to be to drive the listener straight off the cliff and into the despair that lies in the hypnotic currents that await beneath. Is the theme of album salvation through complete degradation? It certainly feels like it while listening to the album.


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