For those of you that just tuned in Snakeskin Angels’ members are individuals burdened with experience. We are not talking about a pack of teenagers here, fresh out of high school, that just discovered The Devil’s Blood and thought it was a great plan to “do what they did”. No, within this line up you will find ex, as well as currents, members of bands like Swordmaster, Taetre, and Domgård. Guys that were there when the second wave of Black Metal hit and felt the impact. Men that emerged themselves in Satanic music & occult doctrine and returned enlightened.

I guess you’ve realized by now that Snakeskin Angels belong to the Satanic retro rock ‘n’ roll current that includes bands like The Devil’s Blood & Ghost. Bands that might, for all we know, have nothing in common except the fact the love of Satan and rock ‘n’ roll and therefore they get lumped into the Modern Occult Rock Emergence to make everyone’s life easier.

Are the Snakeskin Angels the second book of Ghost? No, but they aren’t all that unlike each other. Sometimes I swear there was a little bit of “Genesis” in “Threefaced Saviour”. However, there’s a bit of The Cult in the Snakeskin Angels that I haven’t found in Ghost, a bit of the eighties pizzazz in that medley of songs composed to bring upon the end of all existence.

I’m quite sure that if you stumbled into one of the band’s gigs you might just believe you had gone through a wormhole of some kind and into the era of long hair, free spirit, love & weed. It is my belief that the band has tapped into the well of both Astbury as well as Haight-Ashbury and used the powers brought up from the depths of darkness to create anti-cosmic rock ‘n’ roll. The kind that makes you think of biker joints and go-go girls as you wait for the end of days.



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