Originally released in 1994, just a shave short of twenty years ago, by Deaf Records, one of Peaceville’s younger sisters. Now resurrected with added commentary. I bet the British version rules!

I was there back in the day. I went through the catalogs. I sent the money in the mail. “Send cash well hidden in envelope” was a regular line on fliers back then. I waited for weeks. Then the compact disc arrived from my kvlt dealer during that time and I listened. I visited the forest. I was inspired. Things weren’t just Black Metal. Things were nature. Listen to the trees! I don’t listen to the trees anymore, but I like to hang out with them occasionally. I listen to the commentary disc a bit but I’ve never hung out with Fenriz. Why ruin a good relationship?

Isengard never was a “Black Metal” band. In fact I don’t really know where to lump the band, but as Fenriz puts it forth the recordings on “Vinterskugge” were much more experiments more than anything else. All outcomes were accidental. They became legendary with a number of bands completely imitating or trying to create similar music to Fenriz’s expeditions into the Forest Metal.

I missed the re-issue of Isengard’s other album, “Höstmörke”, and judging by the commentary on this album I do think I will track it out. There are no kvltings to be found here, only Fenriz! And Fenriz isn’t about kvlting it up, creating a false image around the legend that Isengard is. It’s straight forward talk about what was happening around that time and his inspirations. There are no cloaks and daggers, no candles and midnight rituals. No theater.

Might this make things too mundane for those that seek to create demigods out of their idols? I would think so. If you want to believe it’s 1993 stay away from commentary discs that are included in the re-issues of legendary Black Metal releases, don’t go on the Black Metal Bus Ride and only buy organic food. However! If you want to get a bit of an insight into the who’s and how’s of Isengard’s “Vinterskugge” then get this re-issue. Oh, and get the Neptune Tower’s re-issues while you’re at it. They might not be Metal! but they are essential!

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