We finished last week with a review of a re-issue so why not open this one with another re-issue review? Unlike the Isengard re-issue this one might have been missed by your Black Metal Radar, The Helheim Society weren’t noticed by many back in their day, Mysticum filled a lot of people’s Industrial Norwegian Black Metal quota back in the day, but The Society didn’t go unnoticed and as it turns out today, it wasn’t forgotten by everyone.

Recently Germany’s Darker Than Black Records saved this from Necropolis Records’ catacombs and brought this to a new generation, a generation that grew up with bands like Aborym & Blacklodge that again grew up with bands like The Helheim Society. No endless woods to be found anymore, only the endless grey suburbs.

In its lifeless, mechanic body there beats a Black Metal heart in “Fenris”. Sure, the music goes all over the place, from conservative Graveland-like Black Metal to music that sounds more at home at a rave rather than a dirty garage gig. It’s a bit all over the place and reminds me a bit of their countrymen Bogus Blimp who also liked to travel. Why visit just one place, eh?

On the b-side we find Vendetta Blitz, a sister band of The Helheim Society, they both had Zorn behind the wheel, turning the knobs, fiddling with the controls. No Black Metal here, just devil worship, electronic darkness & lex talionis, G.G.F.H. & The Electric Hellfire Club. If you are looking for the soundtrack to the Satanic Panic look no further, this music asserts all their suspicions. It was all true! The baby factories. The moving crematoriums. Michelle remembers this one!

Another refreshing glimpse into the dark past of Black Metal. When you are sailing the seas of infinity it can be a welcome relief to stumble upon an old one you had but completely forgotten. To meet someone you knew but hadn’t seen for a long time.

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