There are good ways to start the day and then there are great ways to start your day. Ways that make you get all exited like a little kid and scream “I wannit! I wannit! I wannit!” for about five minutes until you come to your senses and remember to breathe again.

For me the “Atomic Metal Power” demo is up there high on the throne with Gospel’s “The Satanist’s Dream” demo as Australia’s finest Black Metal moments. This was blasted on maximum volume while driving through the barren wastelands of Iceland some thirteen years ago, until my, then, car gave up, died, and with it the tapedeck.

Now I can rejoice because Spain’s Arkham Chronicles are releasing a whole lot of Atomizer material on one compact disc! The whole “Atomic Metal Power” demo along with the “Gimme Natural Selection” 7 inch EP and that’s not even half of it! Click this link and find out more!

On a personal note this release helps me a whole lot because in a moment of (obvious) despair I got rid of my original copy.

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