Degial – “Death’s Striking Wings”
Sepulchral Voice Records (2012)

In 1986 Morbid Angel recorded “Abominations of Desolation” and the world knew it was good for it was evil. Blasphemy on tape. Pure evil killing your brain cells via your ghetto blaster. perhaps the members of Degial weren’t born when “Abominations…” hit the street, but if not it wouldn’t surprise me if they were conceived under Morbid Angel’s whirlwind hails to Satan.

For a moment I thought Death Metal was pretty dead in Sweden these days, trampled under the hoofs of Swedish Heavy Metal hunters and doomed out drug fiends. Degial take my feeble assumption and pretty much wipe their asses with it. “For real, you don’t know nothing!” I can hear all the way from Sweden. Word travels fast and can be as sharp as a knife.

If you want raw Death Metal (not the chugga, chugga, sweatpants kind, but the raw leather jacket and spikes kind) that makes you want to go fuck all and end up half-naked in a graveyard then “Death’s Striking Wings” is the album that gets you there. With production as raw as roadkill & leads that might cause seizure to the untrained ear you can’t go wrong with this one.


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