It’s not often that we get guest speakers here at the Currentzz headquarters, living in dank caves in the middle of Nowhere, Iceland, and all. However, when the occasion presents itself it is of course welcomed. This time the mighty Purr X. Vers, aka Hobophobic, that is able to grace us with its presence. We welcome that, as we welcome you to enjoy this article about the great release that “The Wormlust Collective” is.

Wormlust is a band whose existence has fascinated me to no end, since I first heard of them from the 2010 split album with Haud Mundus. They truly set themselves apart by creating music that is not of this world. The Wormlust Collective brings together 3 stand alone demo releases that represent the wide range of sound Wormlust is responsible for.

Track one, Seven Paths, is the true debut of the band from 2009. This composition sprawls across twelve and a half minutes and brings the listener on a journey through many different moods. Ranging from passages of droning ambience and clean driven guitars it transitions to seething black metal in an instant, back and forth between the two different modes. You can feel the vitality of the song for all twelve minutes, it never ceases to feel like a trip through Seven Paths.

Track two is called Svarthol. Whereas the first demo is comparable to being dragged through a wormhole in infinite space, this demo I’d more closely compare to being in a nightmare. It’s black everywhere, absolutely no light except the phosphenes from rubbing your eyes, trying to wake from it. Ugliness and beauty are at every corner here and that’s what I’ve come to recognize as Wormlust’s trademark.

The final track is an all ambient piece entitled The Opium Sleep. The changing tones in this demo bring to mind moving clouds above a grey ocean, an arctic current ebbing at night-time in the most desolate place on earth. This almost seventeen minute track freezes the listener into paralysis with ease and you have no choice but to resign to your fate of being a block of ice for the rest of your short life. This is as engaging as any ambient music should be.

By now, you’ll wonder where you are and how you’ve been gone, as I do when I’ve listened to the album front to back. To put it shortly, I don’t believe Wormlust is a band that has a specific message to get across, the music is mostly instrumental and the lyrics were not released, this is music to make you see and experience first hand the personal heaven and hell of the man who composed it, and I’d say all three tracks communicate that very effectively. If the band is to be finished now, this is a fine legacy they’ve built for themselves in the short time of their existence.

Check the masterpiece out for yourself here. Support the label here.

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