Death Metal had hardly hit puberty when things started going south. Somewhere on the way the death was thrown out of the train and bands started covering issues they dealt with every day like drug abuse, the perils of alcoholism and global warming.

Some twenty years after people against this development burnt down the front-door of Christopher Johnsson to make it known this attitude was not approved, bands from Uppsala, Sweden, are in the forefront of a new generation that is putting the death back in Death Metal.

With its debut album, “Death’s Striking Wings”, recently released through Germany’s Sepulchral Voice Records, Degial offers us Death Metal that terrifies. Death Metal that shows you the Devil himself. With that in mind I got in touch with the band and asked them a few questions on the subject. H. Death, the band’s vocalist-slash-guitarist had a few minutes to spare.

Words by Neivindur
Photos taken from Degial’s Facebook page

C: Degial arose from the ashes of a previous project known as Degial of Embos. I’ve seen people fall into the trap, as I did, of considering Degial to be a mere continuation of Degial of Embos. Why did DoE split up and why did Degial arise from the ashes and why did you continue using a part of the old band’s name?
D: Back then when we called us Degial of Embos we just wanted to play as hard and fast metal as possible, but three of us got more and more interested in black arts and in a world beyond this. We wanted to take our music and lyric to a more serious level, but the other two members didn’t want the same thing as us. So we kicked them out and started to write new songs and just called us Degial. It was a name that we felt a great attraction to, it was something that forced us to it. something we couldn’t stop.

C: Something tells me the title of your first demo “Awakening from Darkness” was not coined by coincidence. What darkness are you talking about and how do you awaken from it?
D: For us it’s the eternal Darkness that we want to spread with our music. The power that it has and the power that it give us. The darkness that someday will cover the world and end it. As I said before, for us was it like a new start of the band, so it was like an awakening. Both in the way of the band and in our minds, we had found the darkness.

C: What are the most important elements of Degial, besides the members. What is it that inspires the members and makes them churn out the primordial Death Metal they create?
D: Death! Everything that is written under the name Degial is a hymn to Death, the Chaos and the Darkness. Every word or riff is based on our beliefs and our religion. We have dedicate our lives to the hidden mist. And we are its prophets.

C: Sweden seems to rather prolific when it comes to Death Metal with occult themes and Degial are no exception. When it comes to that matter where does Degial stand? How important is it to the band?
D: As i said before, it’s everything for us. We have decided to live our lives completely different to the normal norms. For me it’s just stupidity to stand on a stage and sing about Death and after go home and live a “normal” life.  Your life have to take another path when you’re dealing with such powerful and chaotic elements. Live through Death!

C: Another thing Sweden seems to have more of than your neighborhood countries, is occult orders, or at least ones known to the public. What is your opinion, if you have any, on orders like M.L.O., T.o.t.B.L. and Dragon Rouge?
D: I can just say that I totally support them.

C: With death and chaos as lyrical themes one would have thought Black Metal be more up your alley, as opposed to Death Metal. So the question is what it is with Death Metal that draws you more to it than the, often called, Devil’s music.
D: For me Black Metal and Death Metal is almost the same thing. Of course you could hear a different. But in the end everything has the same meaning. At least if we talk about the real Black / Death Metal bands. We call us Death Metal because Death is what we worship.

C: As we near the end the question of the evening is, where does the path lead us? When the Aztec disaster strikes will the members of Degial be amongst those that survive the catastrophes that ensues and realize their spiritual destiny?
D: No one will survive the Armageddon, but we will embrace it with open arms.

Sepulchral Voice

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