Denial of God – “Death and the Beyond”
Hell’s Headbangers (2012)

Danish Hell has been unleashed! All dressed up in a robe quite similar to that worn be many Swedes back in the day when melodic Black/Death Metal ruled supreme, when Ophthalamia ruled the waters and lesser prophets like Melek Taus rode the currents it created.

It is hard to believe that with a release catalogue going some twenty years this is the band’s second album, the debut was released in 2006, but that just shows that the band likes to take its time. Which is quite important when many of your songs almost reach the ten minute mark. Nothing kills an album like a song that seems to go nowhere and makes you get up and walk over to the player to make sure its not caught in some loop.

Denial of God establish themselves here as contenders to the throne of theatrical Black Metal, music most suitable for the stage of some old theater. A theater that has seen better days, with the dilapidated building adding to the deadly atmosphere the band’s music creates. This album is heavy on the mid-paced atmosphere but you’ll also notice influences from old English and Italian gods which adds to the theatrical atmosphere.

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