DEIPHAGO satan alpha omega

I crank it up and it‘s not enough. I‘ve got the stereo on full blast and nothing happens. Deiphago laughs at my speakers. It spits at them! Hurls insults at them! Deiphago loathes my sound system. My speakers weep.

There isn‘t a circle pit out there violent enough for this crew. No boot will ever stomp this album. This album will stomp you. For over twenty years this band has honed it’s craft so it should be experienced in making ears bleed with their unrelenting Chaos Metal.

“A new genre, huh?” you shout out, “can’t people stop their need of putting everything into those little boxes?”. Yeah, I’m sure they can, but that’s just no fun. The intent is to annihilate, to cause anxiety, not to entertain, and on its third album Deiphago crush skulls. Their Sarcofago & Blasphemy inspired soundtrack to Hell has left me out of breath. I’m not sure I would last through a whole set if I ever saw them live.


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