is it 2013 yet?

People cannot say goodbye to this year early enough. The year isn’t over yet and we are getting ready to slam the door in it’s face. “Get the Hell out of here and don’t come back!” is the feeling I get when I talk to people about this year. People can’t wait to see it in their rear-view mirror, to feel the welcoming bosom of 2013.

I admit it, when the world didn’t end a week ago I was a bit frustrated, perhaps even a bit depressed. I hoped this was the end, the day we said goodbye to the universe. No more contamination, no more clean air, no more… Just nothing. Blissful nothing. Love the nothing…

As they say all good things come to an end and after a week of glorious depression it’s time to get back on my feet and in the strange time we’ve entered now where people look back to what stood out this year it’s time to stand up and shout at the world:


It doesn’t matter if I’m right in a year from now, right now I know I’m right! Some people might ask themselves what it is that I’m right about. I would ask them in return why they didn’t know! Why they didn’t know that the upcoming split of Nightbringer and Dodsengel might just obliterate everything else in the coming year! Nothing is forever! Nothing is everything! Inhale. Exhale. Exclaim!

Why is it that releases still take me by surprise? Or should I rather ask “how is it”? Almost twenty years into the game and I haven’t seen it all, as much as I would like to say I have. There’s still stuff out there that fucks me up and fills me with joy. There’s still stuff out there that makes the future worth seeing.

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