ghouls don’t dance

We live in a strange world. A world in which you cannot be a ghoul and make a buck. Is it racism that we see there with everybody bashing all the ghouls. Them good souls that are only out there to profit from our misery? What is so wrong with that? Didn’t Euronymous himself say, somewhere in the distant past, that the goal of Black Metal should be to taint the minds of as many as possible?
I do not dislike limited releases nor do I dislike die-hard versions or different editions. I own some, some sound better than others, some… I don’t know how some of them sound, they are lost in the vault.

As the time approaches we have been granted another glimpse into the good book. “Year Zero” is upon us, can we begin marking anniversaries now? Have you granted us meaning? I know our previous Lord gave us free will, but I still wait for a sign from you. Oh Lord, give me the sign! Is the age of Stella upon us? Oh, I wish you would have skipped using the microphone, it would have given us a better view.

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