FLAGELLANT maledictum

Sweden’s Flagellant is not a band many have heard about. This is the band’s third release; the debut album was released in 2010 and before that a promo in 2007.

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The band’s musical foundation lie in what many have called Orthodox Swedish Black Metal, a very loose term linked to Watain, Onskapt and Ofermod amongst others. Black Metal meant to celebrate the Devil himself, not focus on the mundane and the materials we use in this world, to take the forest out of the Black Metal.

And with any foreign contamination removed only the dark truth stands? Is there any way we can be completely free of toxins of any kind? Perhaps sometimes they are to be used to our advantage, like we’ve seen more of lately where old influences from Death Metal and Thrash Metal have been making their way into the music of the ever dark.

With that in mind I do believe that there is more Death Metal to be found in here than in the music of their earlier counterparts. Sure, you can argue that any song of latter day Ofermod has more Death Metal in it than “Towers of Silence”, but let’s not get carried away. Let’s focus on the music, not our calculators. There are certain moments in that song where the Morbid Angel flies low and spreads it’s wings. A difference, I think where many bands tried to remove any trace of Life Metal from their music.

If this album is a journey. A journey where you are being dragged further and further downwards until just in the end where you reach light and “Thirteen Cauldrons Boil” symbolizes epiphany then what do the other seven songs symbolize?

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