sabbath assembly tour europe

News like this make me wish i was a rockstar journalist, able to jump on the next plane and stalk a band or two during their trek. It hurts my soul and my being knowing Sabbath Assembly is playing almost in my backyard and I’m unable to go.
The band is going on a tour with Hexvessel, and another blow is dealt to my already fragile heart, in a week that starts in Denmark and ends in Germany, with stops all over Europe in the meantime.

07.04.2013 Kopenhagen, DK at Loppen,
08.04.2013 Stockholm, SWE at The Liffey
10.04.2013 Turku, FIN with Uhrijuhla
11.04.2013 Helsinki, FIN at Kuudes Linja with Hexvessel
12.04.2013 Oulu, FIN at Nuclear Nightclub with Hexvessel
13.04.2013 Jyväskylä, FIN at Lutakko with Hexvessel
115.04.2013 Warshaw, PL at Harenda with Hexvessel
16.04.2013 Pozen, PL at Pod Minogą with Hexvessel
17.04.2013 Hamburg, GER at Hafenklang with Hexvessel
18.04.2013 Berlin, GER at Cassiopeia with Hexvessel
19.04.2013 Roadburn Festival, Tilburg NL

I guess, then, that I will have to make do with the band’s video to the song “Exit” which was recently made public. With footage taken from a Christian apocalyptic movie from the psychedelic seventies I don’t think anything could be more fitting, as little of a fan of clip videos as I am.

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