something, something, something, eistnaflug 2013 part I

A lot of things happened at this years Eistnaflug at Neskaupsstaður Rock City. I woke up this morning and I could only speak English and I decided my name was Currentzz and not Currents. It sounded logical at the time so I rolled with it.

When I woke up last Thursday morning at Neskaupsstaður, a long way from my usual bed, my tent was like a sauna. My Mortuary Drape T-shirt was glued to my body and it seemed likely that I would not kvlt today. Also likely was me seeing Hindurvættir which live in a hut far away from us all. “In Siberia I live on my own in a hut that’s made from your bones…” or something like that goes the lyrics. They describe their music as Post Black Metal slash Shoegaze which means that they don’t really sound like the traditional Black Metal you’ve come to know and love. They don’t sound like Bathory. They don’t sound like Blasphemy. Hell, they don’t even sound like Cradle of Filth. Well, this new language is certainly getting me derailed…

Having gathered its wits and had a hangover meal the mighty Currentzz ventured into Egilsbúð and captured the last minutes of AMFJ‘s set. I don’t understand noise music but I liked the last few minutes of his set where he went into a monotonous and militaristic set. There was a rhythm there I could feel.

And so the time came for Hindurvættir to get things going. I thought it was Black Metal’s task to get things going and break out the violence but Hindurvættir’s soothing tones did no such things. They just carried you safely into a world full of pillows made of huge guitar riffs and the relaxing trio of voices that echo in the distance. I might not be getting my point across too well now but blame it on the 10 hour drive I just finished. In short; they were great! Their PoMoBlack or whatever you want to call it sounded great at Eistnaflug and it didn’t hurt ’em at all that it was half past two in the afternoon, almost 20°c outside and the sun hunting down anyone and everything that try to find a shadow to seek refuge in.

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