something, something, something, eistnaflug 2013 part II

Like I told you earlier the mighty Currentzz visited Eistnaflug last weekend but of course I forgot to tell you what Eistnaflug is! So, Eistnaflug is a festival dedicated to Extreme music held at Neskaupsstaður over the second weekend of July every year. Now that you’ve got that all digested and probably already planning your trip next year it’s time to talk a bit about Norn.

Norn is raw Black Metal. It has Metal. It has Punk. You could even call it Black Metal Punk or Punk Metal Black or Punk Black Metal. You could call it a lot of things. All I know is that they blew me the eff away! I had previously seen them a couple of years earlier Stálsmiðjan and thought they were all right but now, with a bit of change in the line-up, Norn really nailed it. Heaviest BlackPunk I’ve heard in years!

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