bearded guys like to play fast – nolentia hit us with a new video

Brutal Truth played their fastest shit when Kevin Sharp had a beard, rumors say he doesn’t have a beard anymore but we at the mighty Currentzz believe them to be wrong, he might have had a beard all the time. France’s Nolentia subscribe to this theory, that in order to play faster you must have a huge muthafuggin’ beard. You don’t go fast until you go all cult leader on things!

Like you can see from that screenshot above the band is all about getting in your face. I’m sure their latest album, which was released by Kaotoxin Records earlier this year, regularly flips you off! Still you come back to it again and again looking for another fix. Check out this video the band just unleashed upon mankind via the medium of YouTube. We’re sure it will get you all worked up and ready to run!

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