DEIPHAGO / RITUAL COMBAT accept the mark

The name of the game has always been to outdo the next guy. Your comrade has a fast car, you go into your garage and make an even faster car. Your comrade is in a Speed Metal band, you go into your garage and you start a band that plays Hyper-Speed Metal. The fact is that there will always be guys out there that think that what has been done before isn’t brutal enough, isn’t fast enough or for whatever reason it just doesn’t cut it with them. Things must be taken to a new level.

Both bands on this split album seem to live by that motto. Taking every minute they’ve been granted and turning into whirlwind madness in the vein of legends like Blasphemy, Beherit and Black Witchery. Basically: They play fast music. They live by the code of sonic chaos. Their releases attack people.

On this album, which contains four songs, one of them being a Sarcofago cover, time is limited but the violence isn’t. Just after you press the play button Deiphago’s “Beast of Annihilation” pins you down and you aren’t going to get up for the next fourteen minutes or so. When Ritual Combat have hurt you for the last time you get up exhausted but at the same time refreshed. You stumble unto the stereo system and as you press the play button a “please sir, may I have another one?” is heard.

Iron Bonehead Productions
25 July 2013

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