does the world need another book about black metal?

Usually we would say “no, the world really doesn’t need another book about Black Metal”. However! When said book is being published by Feral House things seem a bit different. The world doesn’t look like it usually does when these people have their hands in something and having grown up reading books bearing their logo we tend to pay more notice to them than we might to others.

The book in question is “Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult”. Described as “an epic 600 page tome exploring the history and development of black metal from its beginnings in the early 1980s to the present day” I’m sure you understand why we have drool running down our chins right now!

See, we aren’t talking about any Joe Average here, we’re talking about the kids that have granted us insight into The Process amongst other things like, dare I say, the life of Anton LaVey.

So, as we wait impatiently we ask: What’s in the die-hard version?


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4 thoughts on “does the world need another book about black metal?”

  1. The Metalion book is fantastic, and he deserves a massive ton of credit for his work over the decades to bring music to ears.

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