what about varg?


photo taken from http://www.burzum.org
text by eyvindur gauti

He’s been having a hard time since he got out of jail back in 2009, ol’ Varg has. The media has hounded him, the critics haven’t exactly been his biggest friends and now the French government seems to have something against him.

See, in case you missed it earlier this summer French officials arrested Vikernes on suspicion he might be about to terrorize France. His wife bought some guns and so the police wasted no time. To make sure this didn’t turn into another Mohamed Merah situation the Vikerness were taken into custody. A couple of days later they had both been released as no proof of acts of domestic terrorism in the making could be found. Apparently Vikernes’ wife had bought the guns because she’s a member of a gun-club. Go figure.

One thing noticeable in the media, both domestic and non-domestic, was the incessant use of Varg Vikernes’ birth name. Perhaps it sounded better to have a diabolical church arsonist called Kristian (it means Christian just in case you didn’t figure that out) instead of Varg? Vikernes’ birth name was indeed Kristian but he had it legally changed into Varg in 1993. Varg isn’t the only “Kristian” in the village, though. Another fellow, just as notorious, shares the name.

Is this the end of Burzum? Will there be no more new music? No more re-recordings of old music? No new videos? I haven’t seen any posts or YouTube videos from him where he talks about the modifications he’s made on his vehicles. I don’t know about you but I’d like to hear more on that.

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