The Emperor Strikes Back


Back in 1994 a lot was happening in Norway. Black Metal musicians were frequent guests in courtrooms, charged with anything from ritual rape to church arson and murder. It seemed Norwegian Black Metal had been dealt its deathblow but as with many things you cannot kill that which is already dead.

We who got into the scene just before things blew up in the popular media and lived in the middle of nowhere never got to see Emperor when it included the unholy trinity of Ihsahn, Samoth & Faust. Some didn’t even get around to seeing Emperor at all, acting all too troo to cool and too kvlt to give a fvkk.

However! However, I say! Take thy pitchfork out of thine arse and turn it into a medieval torch for good times are upon us! As Terrorizer stated a couple of days ago and Blabbermouth confirmed the Emperor is back and he’s got new clothes on! An appearance at Wacken Open Air has been confirmed and rumors are flying around the Internet about other possible appearances. Nothing has been confirmed, as far as we know. Still, one might just have to throw oneself into the darkest realms of German Metal to experience the Gods live.

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