full album necrophilia hits the zemial camp once more

Seven years have passed since “In Monumentum” was released. Back then Zemial was signed to Archon Vorskaath’s own label, Nyx. Archon Vorskaath is the man behind Zemial. He’s also the half of Agatus and has shown his face in a few other Greek Metal bands. Now, if this isn’t helping you out getting a clue on who the guy actually is then perhaps it’s time you revisit your The Strokes collection.

Whatever the reason be the band decided to get back to, we presume, focusing on the music and let other people sort out all the fuss with the pressing factory.

Intentionally scheduled for release on October 31st – a time considered as the beginning of the long night, a time during which the walls that separate the worlds are thin and the Seven Sisters hang directly overhead – ZEMIAL’s NYKTA is a journey like no other

Words like these tell you great things are about to happen, as can be witnessed on Hells Headbangers bandcamp page. Two tracks lie there awaiting your visit, knowing the lust that is now in your mind, just like that.


photos taken from hells headbangers
text by eyvindur gauti

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