has it really been twenty years?

It both sounds and feels so strange to think that it’s been twenty years since two members of the inner circle clashed and only one got out of it alive. This wasn’t in the middle of Transylvania, no, this was closer to the middle of Oslo, Norway. Perhaps the funeral fog even surrounded the men while the freezing moon shone down on them.

It might sound as I jest but I don’t. The death of Oystein Aarseth, also know as Euronymous, worked as a catalyst to ensnare people both young and old and get them up to their necks and further even into Black Metal. Twenty years ago Black Metal was one of the smallest pimples on the face of Heavy Metal but now it dominates. No scarf will cover that scar. Black Metal has reached the unlikeliest of places, everywhere from personal ritual chambers to mainstream public gatherings.

Will any churches burn? Will any graveyards be desecrated or churches vandalized? Or will there be alcohol, sexual perversion and other lovely things? Remember, we are but slaves of the one with horns, so anything’s possible, even repeated listening of DMDS!

photos taken from the internet
text by eyvindur gauti

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