svartidauði – icelandic scumfuck royalty


I guess you don’t really have to introduce Svartidauði around these parts. They have been here perhaps more than I would like to have them. However, they are scumfuck royalty and the deal with those royal types is that you don’t always get a say in whether or not they are here. They arrive and that’s that, you don’t really get a say in it. You can basically either fold in, lock yourself in the bathroom and hope they don’t urinate all over your record collection like your older brother used to do when you were forced to share a bedroom together, or you can talk to them, try to win them over to your side and hope you get out of it mostly unharmed.
I chose the latter. It didn’t go as well as I had hoped it would and I didn’t get as much time in the room as I would have hoped for. I managed to get a few comments out of the band’s singer, Sturla Viðar, before my ass was thrown out of my apartment!

So, guys… You have been touring a bit around the mainland this summer… What are the highlights from the journey when you look back?

Underground rave-parties in the Czech Republic, Swizz border guards, penthouse apartments of German politicians, Scandinavian grave-robbers, toothless Nigerians, secret hash-bars and Jaz Coleman.

Toothless Nigerians and Scandinavian grave-robbers… That’s quite the cultural gap you got there! OK, it’s only been a short while since you released your debut album but of course people bought all the copies the moment it hit the streets. Any chance of a re-press?

Right now, and I mean right now, on the 20th of August a new version is at the pressing plant. The first pressing of our debut lasted a month in the shop until all the copies had gone. In two weeks “Flesh Cathedral” will be available as a digipak compact disc and a double 180 gram gatefold vinyl. After that we will continue playing, fighting and composing the best album the world will ever see.

Double vinyl! Now there’s something to get exited about! Now, I do like to call your style Hypno-Black Metal, what do you think about that title?

I think it is a very stupid title, possibly even the stupidest title I’ve heard in a long time. Svartidauði is Svartidauði.


Svartidauði is Svartidauði, huh… Kind of pointing out the obvious here aren’t we? Well, the last question before the shit hits the fan! Any chance you will drag any of the bands you have shared the stage with lately over here to quench the thirst of the very small Icelandic Black Metal followers. When is Svartidauði going to play here, it feels like it has been ages since you last played locally. Oh, and are there any foreign gigs planned?

There aren’t any places which we like to play at left in Reykjavík  and since the selection is so poor we don’t really like to play live here. However, the mob is hungry and we do share their hunger so…
We will play for the first time in Finland in November. Next year we will play at the German festival Kings of Black Metal, which is a very stupid title for a festival. A lot of things are planned but all will be revealed in due time.

And so you have it. Yet another interview over and a vinyl on the way, things just couldn’t be better! European scumfucks can get their shit straight from Terratur Possessions and their American brothers and sisters of degeneration can get their fix at Daemon Worship. Where the rest of you get their shit from is none of my concern but you might do well by contacting the band here.

pictures by alex c. and
text by eyvindur gauti

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