iceland invades the united states


No, no viking ships will be used this time. We have already established that they work so there’s really no reason to stick to old methods like those when you can go all modern on it.

Next year Sólstafir will invade the U.S. and play the Maryland Death Fest. They will be sharing the stage with legends such as Emperor, Gorguts, At the Gates and Diocletian. That will be, as the story goes, their only U.S. appearance. I’m sure some people are unhappy about that but you know what you have to do then, don’t you? Book them and they will come. That is, if you can handle the rider!

As you might have noticed, if you read the Svartidauði interview I posted earlier, “Flesh Cathedral” will see the light of day again on both compact disc and vinyl. Terratur Possessions will take care of anything you need, but before you go all mental and order everything just because you have to have it take a minute or two and enjoy the introductory page TP has set up especially for you.

Last, but not least, we mention the Black Metal that is Wormlust. I’m not going to write this news-bit with a thesaurus by my side trying to find fancy words to describe the way the bands sounds to make my ass look bigger. To put it simple: Wormlust is the Black Metal band you listen to when you want to step out of your comfort zone. Daemon Worship, who will handle the Svartidauði releases for people in the States, will be releasing “The Feral Wisdom” on compact disc next month. The album was released on vinyl earlier by Demonhood Productions so head over there if you like things you can’t use in your car.

So, that’s it, news of the Icelandic invasion are over for now. If you know of anything happening that we haven’t mentioned by all means let us know! We are waiting by the phone right now for your call. It’s not connected and that’s how we like it!

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