where have all the gone postals gone?


You might not know it but this guy Euronymous would not approve is the singer of Gone Postal. Why do I say Euronymous would not have approved? Because of the way he’s dressed. He’s dressed like he wants to be dressed, not like people expect him to dress. He plays Death Metal… Where is the long hair, the grim face and the *insert whatever Death Metal band is most kvlt now* T-shirt?

I saw Gone Postal play live a coupled of weekends ago. Blew my mind away! As much as I wanted to write something about my experience all I could think about was “why haven’t they released any new stuff!?!?!”. Yeah, I know I’m selfish.

So, for the last few days I have had to make do with the songs from the band’s second promo, titled “Promo II”. I know good things take time but I’m an impatient fella…

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