reptilian inculter


Fusa is a small place in the west of Norway. You might not have heard of it earlier but you have now. Fusa is also the home of Reptilian and Inculter, the two bands that possess this seven inch we have before us now.

What we have here from both bands is lightning fast old school deathrash. When I say “lightning fast” I’m not talking about a double pedal attack that has you wondering if the drummer is trying to pull a Sandoval on us. No, what I’m talking about is lighting fast like old Sodom, Destruction, and even very early Sepultura and their comrades. When there was a bit of “dis” in the music. When people hadn’t or didn’t see the point in harnessing the powers of the double pedal. I mean, listening to Inculter’s “Graveyard Perdition” I’m straight away thrown back to the days when I heard Destruction and Sodom for the first time. Reptilian, however, are a bit more modern but don’t stray too far towards the now, with their brake pedal firm on 1990. More modern don’t entry!

Anyway, let’s keep it sweet and short here! If you are one of the people that think that old school is the best school and spend your days looking for bands that “sound like they used to in the day” then this right here is for you. In fact, it’s one of the few releases that you really need along with the Under the Church demo.

Duplicate Records / Unborn Productions
16 September 2013

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