hamferð drop a big one on the world


Well, first Føroyar, then the world!

As you can see from the pic above I borrowed from the band’s Facebook page they are solemn guys and perhaps even a bit sacred and severe. You never know.

Last year Hamferð won the Wacken Metal Battle, where all the unsigned bands in the universe meet and fight until only one is left standing! The prize? The chance to become a Nuclear Blast recording artist.

Hamferð declined the offer and now their debut album is released through Tutl Plátufelagið, which also released their 2010 EP “Vilst er Síðsta Fet” which contained this classic song amongst three others of equal caliber.

Yesterday Hamferð liberated the Faroe Islands and on the 15th day of November they will liberate the rest of the world. If you are impatient and seek salvation as well as liberation right away contact Tutl now. They are waiting for you.

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