the vintage world domination

photo taken from the band's facebook page. by: sandra karls
photo by sandra karls. taken from the band’s facebook page.

Okay, I realize that we here at Currentzz are Black Metal Elitists but when locals make it big we have to report it, right? It’s our duty as writers of the metal and rock that is known to be heavy.

Now, a couple of weeks ago news circulated that local heroes The Vintage Caravan had signed to Nuclear Blast, the label that through the years has brought us legends like Dismember, Amorphis & Immortal. It didn’t come as a surprise then that the band announced today that its second album “Voyage” would be released by the independent giant after being released last year on a much smaller domestic giant.

Because of that the band has recorded a brand spanking new video! Directed by Bowen Staines, the man behind the recent adventures of Sólstafir and Skálmöld. You can’t really go wrong there, can you? I wouldn’t know, I haven’t worked with him. So don’t waste any more of your time, check out the video and you be the judge of that!

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