solstice never surrender


You might not have expected it but today UK’s Solstice released a new mini-album! And we almost forgot to let you know it was out there!

Released by the band, “Death’s Crown is Victory” features 27 minutes of “skull crushing epic heavy metal”, no less. These words don’t lie, if that had crossed your mind as Solstice’s music crushes skulls and breaks bones. If you aren’t sure check out this song here and after it has convinced you spread it far and wide!

Now, according to the band the album is only available online right now but never worry, soon enough we will see it in our regular haunts on vinyl and (the glorious!) cassette format. In the meantime you can head over to Solstice’s Bandcamp site to purchase a digital download if you are so inclined. Friday’s don’t get much better than that. This Friday turned out to be a great one and you’ll hear about it in the coming days!

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