putrid yell eaten alive

putrid yell eaten alive

Now here’s an interesting little gem. A couple of young bands from Chile that worship a style that, for the most part, died out some twenty years ago. Whether the resurgence we’ve been experiencing here in Europe the last few years finally made its way to Chile, or if it never died there is anyone’s guess.

Two songs, six minutes to each band. Just enough time to allow them vomit straight into your ear very vile Chilean Death Metal. Is it vile enough, though, to sneak into your mind and make you remember it? Twelve minutes is cutting it’s close, it’s like half a Deicide album! Well, it’s rough, it’s raw and it’s Death Metal as Hell but although it has some very good runs over all I think this will end up as something people will discover years later. Kind of like they did with a lot of the bands that are now hailed as underground legends.

If you are unsure check out these couple of old demo tracks taken from earlier releases.

Iron Bonehead Productions
2 december 2013

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