beneath soon to release the barren throne


It is only a matter of weeks now. In a few short weeks, Reykjavik, Iceland-based death metal squadron, Beneath, will unleash the storms of Hell itself on it’s daunting sophomore full-length, The Barren Throne, once again through Unique Leader Records. People unfamiliar with the band’s skull-crushing Death Metal can check out the song “As Gods Walk the Earth”, taken from the band’s debut album.

“We are truly thrilled to be releasing our second full-length on Unique Leader Records. During the writing and recording of The Barren Throne, every single member of the band has surpassed themselves, taking the album to another level. The album is tighter, more focused and doesn´t give an inch when it comes to sheer brutality. We are inspired by many different genres of extreme music and on this record we sought to embrace this and transcend the need to adhere to the common boundaries of the technical death metal genre. This has resulted in what we feel is our most dynamic and relevant release yet.”

With an unrelenting fifty-three minutes of technical death metal cruelty through eleven new tracks, on “The Barren Throne”, Beneath has sought to envelope melody, atmosphere and structure within its manic blastbeats and speed-picked guitars. The album evolves lyrically and conceptually around the idea of a being or entity that consumes and devours everything around it until it’s forced to consume itself. The follow-up to their Unique Leader-released 2012 debut full-length, “Enslaved By Fear”, the dynamic “The Barren Throne” is Beneath’s first release with new vocalist, Benedikt Natanael Bjarnason, who joined the lineup in June 2013. The album’s massive production was achieved by the Wieslawski brothers of famed Hertz Studios in Poland (Behemoth, Dead Infection, Vader, Decapitated), and the album artwork once again sanctioned to the masterful Raymond Swanland. The end result is a complex and procedural, yet dynamic album that rewards repeated listening. “The Barren Throne” will be released worldwide on April 29th.

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