sheol sepulchral ruins below the temple


Formed by members of Antinomian, Adversary and Subvertio Deus, Sheol have existed for close to two years now. This is the band’s first official release, with the vinyl version released by Iron Bonehead in the end of last year and the compact disc version released by Invictus in the beginning of this one. Before that the band had only released a two song promo that received limited exposure but certainly helped getting it’s name out.

Old news these might be to the people out there, as this mini-album has been making it’s ways through magazines, blogs and forums for over three months now, but good Death Metal is good Death Metal and certainly worth mentioning.

Sheol draw their inspiration from the old peddlers of death & doom we all know and hold so dear. The spirits of Incantation and their kin loom over.  Like their countrymen in Grave Miasma they seem to be obsessed with Death Metal that sounds like it was recorded in an old graveyard and they appear to equally able to create a very similar, albeit more modern version of the sound.

The main difference, besides Sheol being rawer than the guys in Grave Miasma is that I hear Scandinavian influences in Sheol’s music I haven’t heard in Grave Miasma’s music, and I’m not talking about the band’s cover of Darkthrone’s “Cromlech”. Somewhere, I am very certain, the influence of early Tiamat can be found. If I am wrong I am sure someone will set me straight.

Iron Bonehead / Invictus
24 December 2013

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