gnosis of the witch


Andlit at inn norðri
Gjóta innan inn lopt
Inn stjarnas gjöf of speki
Önd í djúpr inn nøtt

I have been seeing a lot more bands lately that are focused on the Dark Germanic current. I am not going to say that anyone is jumping on the bandwagon here because, let’s face it, if you want to sell out then releasing music which appeals to a very limited amount of people isn’t the way to go.

One of the bands I have noticed lately is Gnosis of the Witch. So, I got in touch with one of the Vinland warriors behind the and asked him what it was created Gnosis of the Witch? Who or what introduced him to the DGH current what was it that made him want to pursue it further? Why did he choose to use old norse instead of his native tongue and if he thought the DGH current was becoming bigger in the Black Metal scene and what his opinion was of that?

Gnosis started after the demise of my last band, with a drive and hunger to create music based on my spiritual devotion.

I was introduced to the DGH current by listening to various music from Sweden, but my real understanding and respect for the þursian current came from my friendship with Vindkall of Domgård. I began to pursue this ideology because it just “made sense” to me and I felt that it was what connected me with myself and with the world around me.

I felt that the music, the words, the imagery and the overall picture of Gnosis would be more complete if we used the Old Norse language as a completion of the circle. It brought everything together and made the spoken word of the lyrics more proper and powerful to me.

The DGH current in the black metal scene is still very small, but in the same sense it is growing. There are great bands and good people who believe in this ideology, but there are also people who are simply using it to gain popularity, which is not a rarity in black metal.

For those interested a sample track of the just released, through Darker Than Black Records, cassette “Rún Af Inn Auðr” can be heard below. A vinyl release is said to follow soon through the infamous UK label Mordgrimm.

Website of Gnosis of the Witch
Website of Mordgrimm
Website of Darker than Black

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