ilsa strike once again


Back in 2010 Ilsa released “Tutti il Colore del Buio” on Contagion Recording and Dark Descent and we loved it!

I feel love for Ilsa like I feel love for Bolt Thrower and believe me when I tell you that I feel love towards Bolt Thrower.

We loved it like we love Bolt Thrower! Exclamation point. The album didn’t leave our player for weeks. Then it happened, ADHD caught up with us, other releases happened and we forgot Ilsa. The love wasn’t lost, it was just forgotten a bit. I mean, we noticed Ilsa signed to A389 Recordings but we totally forgot to check out “Intoxicantations” and their cover of Bolt Thrower’s “The IVth Crusade”.

Now we have a chance to make things all right! How? By not forgetting that there’s a new album right around the corner and it is going to be called “The Felon’s Claw”. They are still on A389, they are still as brutal as ever but they have got new blood in their ranks!

There’s still a bit of time until the album is released, as it isn’t until on Halloween that “The Felon’s Claw” will be unleashed upon mankind. Until then we can do nothing but wait, constantly spinning the band’s previous releases, waiting impatiently.

Website of ILSA
Website of A389

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