black cilice mysteries

The year has barely started and already the Black Metal release train is on full speed. Iron Bonehead, one of Germany’s better known providers of bands you probably haven’t heard of before, already has enough tapes, seven inches and full lengths in the works that it could singlehandedly empty the wallets of a legion of Black Metal collectors.

I am sure that this year we will discuss many of the label’s releases, starting with the newest album of the Portuguese band Black Cilice and the 38 minutes of Lo-fi Black Metal that’s on offer there.

As a massive fan of the raw and primal you would think this appealed to me like picnic baskets appeal to Yogi Bear. The sad fact is that it doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, there are bits here and there were I am able to sniff out a gleam or two of possibilities, a sandwich or two of hope. However, it’s the overproduced vocals, believe it or not, that ruin just about any hope this album has.

When it comes to Black Metal the crude and the rude always has its charm and less is most of the time better than more. Which is something people should consider more often, it’s often better to quit just before something is “perfect”.

Iron Bonehead
30 january 2015

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