The albums I forgot all about last year were quite few. All too many, I hate to admit. One of them was the debut EP of Oraculum, a rather unknown Death Metal band from Chile.


The Irish label Invictus Productions has been very good at finding brutal bands with potential and it seems they have uncovered a real gem here. Perhaps the potential here isn’t surprising considering that two of the members of Oraculum also play in Wrathprayer, a band that needs no introduction to the fans of Brutal South American Black Death.

So, let’s get on with it! I sent a few questions to the band! They answered! Here’s the results!

What exactly is a sorcery of the damned? What lies behind the title of the album?

Sorcery of the Damned basically states the idea of damnation through greed, the most raw and basic human instinct, the need of getting or achieving something without understanding it at all. The inspiration is born from Prometheus myth, the titan who stole the fire of knowledge, the primeval flame that brought hopes of illumination to mankind and gave nothing but an irreversible damnation.

A scourge in the face of the confident who believe to see beyond their eyelashes, wishing to fly having no wings to do it.

They are nobody.

Why old school death metal and how far do you take it? Stories have been told of South-American Death Metallers that have taken this a bit further than many do, so how invested are the members of Oraculum in Death Metal? Is it a hobby or a way of life?

For us, the term “old school” is so overused it becomes a mean for a good laugh. There is only one kind of Death Metal, and those who have made a “modern” thing out of it, claiming to be “old school”, deserve to be lapidated. Metal in Chile is lived in many ways by many people, questionable or not, we don’t have the time to be concerned about what everybody else is doing. Personally I would say Metal reflects our way of existing and thinking, is the canalization of our energy, mind and consciousness. Isolated.

Mind is your only limit.

In your opinion how is the ultimate death metal sound achieved? Did you rely on modern technology or did you seek out old equipment to get as authentic sound as possible?

It’s a mixture between both, analog and digital equipment. I consider that any audio resource is worth the try, only if used properly of course. We recurred to classic equipment for instruments, amplification and recording, but, in order to get the best results, the post recording process was digital. In audio you have tons of manuals… but commandments? None.

One of Oraculum’s influences is the infamous Sadistik Exekution. So, being partial to a bit of SadEx myself i do have to ask: What’s SadEx’s peak? Their best album/song and why?

Sadistik Exekution is the definition of chaos. Underrated, always criticized and never understood. Lets consider that this was a band who had absolutely no respect for anyone or anything, whose only purpose was to devastate everything in their way, we follow them since we first listened to their infamous debut “The Magus”. An unpredictable record with no established patterns, no feet or head, but with a really obscure and obscene background.

The favorite track would be “Lupercalia“, because it reflects their concept and name. A ritual of purification where all who attended were anointed with blood, fertility of women was increased and their flesh became purple, the color used by the harlots of the empire, a color that represented lust. Ara Maxima!


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