“Why do people always mention Black Metal when they ask what’s happening in music in Norway?!” a disgruntled Norwegian youth I encountered here in Reykjavík asked me. Why indeed. Norway has a lot to offer when it comes to Extreme Metal and Inculter, with their diabolical blackish Thrash, is a good example. With their debut album, Persisting Devolution, just around the corner on Edged Circle Productions, Currentzz needed to get some questions answered, especially what the hell a diabolic forest is?

Its a forest you don’t wanna visit, unless you are a demon of course. Its a place where the trees feed on your skin and bone, and slowly drags you to the depths of hell. The inspiration came from the forest right outside our rehearsal place, which is an evil forest. If you are walking through the forest at night time without lights, you are doomed to be stung in the eyes by those damn branches.

What drew you to you to the Thrashing sound and how did you discover it?

From the moment we met, we were dragged in to the hands of an evil spirit. Lots of heavily demonic rituals had to be done, and a lot of sacrifices. One of those sacrifices was the ability to listen to lame music. And as we started to find the real cool music, like Slayer, Bathory, and Destruction. We knew that this is what its all about, and it didn’t take long before we started trying to do the same thing.


What effect did it have on the band to be voted Band of the week by Fenriz?

A couple of new Facebook fans and three stoked guys. More than that, i don’t know… but it is cool to see that people dig what we are doing, especially when the right guys does, like Fenriz for example.

The biggest influences?

Hard to say which are the biggest, but some bands that definately have inspired this album are: Destruction, Antichrist, Kreator, Tormentor, Deathhammer, Condor, Nekromantheon, Obliteration, Slayer, Autopsy, Death, Inferno, Audiopain, and more!

What Fusa bands, besides Inculter and Reptilian, should our readers check out?

Sepulcher of course! They haven’t got anything out yet, but they are working on something that will blow your head off!

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