new sinmara/misþyrming split on the horizon

It’s only a short while until Sinmara hits Europe with Slidhr, Shrine of Insanabilis and Acherontas. However, that’s not the only thing brewing in the Sinmara’s cauldron. Also on the horizon is a split MLP with Misþyrming that Terratur Possessions will release later this year. Judging by the sample down below we’re in for a treat.

naðra announces release-date for debut album

This year has been good for Icelandic Black Metal and it looks like the next one will not be just as good, if not better. Quite a few Icelandic bands are confirmed for the Roadburn Festival and hopefully we will see some one-releases in relation to that.

On the 22 of january the debut album of Naðra will be released through Signal Rex. The album is titled Allir vegir til glötunar and will include five songs of raw and disgusting Black Metal. Currentzz is looking forward to it quite a bit.

misþyrming – the god supreme (beyond the gates iv)

So, Beyond the Gates was held in Bergen for the fourth time this weekend and the first band on stage this year was Iceland’s Misþyrming.

As you can see in the video below the guys began the fest with quite a big bang by recruiting Marduk‘s and Funeral Mist‘s frontman, Arioch, to perform “The God Supreme” with them live this year. Not a bad way to start the festival!